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Being a leader in water based environmentally friendlier paint stripping products, Sea to Sky is significantly reducing its impact on the environment and waste with their impressive range of coating removers and other paint removal products. Sea to Sky engineers their products with SPC (Surface Preparation Compounds) technology which reduces the impact on health risks for anyone handling the product as well as reducing the risk of harm to the environment. Acquired by ‘Socomore’, it specialises in supplying water-based paint strippers for aviation and infrastructure projects. Based in Vancouver, Sea to Sky is growing its worldwide presence under the Socomore umbrella and is passionate about developing ever improved speciality chemicals for high-performance aerospace and industrial markets.

SPC Technology

SPC (Surface Preparation Compounds) technology works by breaking down the current bonds between the substrate and the coating, which then lifts and removes the compound from the surface you are working on. Once properly saturated and affected by the SPC product, coatings can be safely removed off the surface. This Sea to Sky range of products is highly popular due to being so easy to use while reducing the risk of contamination and danger to both the user’s health and the environment around them. The products are easy to both apply and remove, reducing the expense and speeding up the process for your project to be finished on time. For a paint remover that really does it all, Sea to Sky has impressive options to select from for any airborne or infrastructural needs.

Aerospace Applications

Using water-based, ph neutral paint coating removers, Sea to Sky have found popularity in the Aerospace industry for their effective and innovative products designed engineered for the market without using toxic compounds. This environmentally-focused approach, while not skimping on performance, has made Sea to Sky a perfect paint stripping partner for Aerospace industries all across New Zealand and beyond. We Supply Sea to Sky to New Zealand!
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